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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 6  NBC  September 17, 2012 6:00pm-7:00pm PDT

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there is more turmoil tonight in the city once called america's safest big city. that would be san jose. that city is now looking for a third police chief in as many years after chris moore announced he's retiring early. moore served as chief for just about two years and has had criticism for san jose's rising crime rate. we have several angles covered, including how the fiscal problems may have played a role. chris is at headquarters for us. hi, chris. >> reporter: hi, diane. when chris moore was approved as police chief in san joerse, it s a unanimous decision. 18 months later as he calls it quits is far shorter than an average police chief and far shorter than what the city council was hoping for. police chief chris moore will retire in january from a department he's been with for more than 27 years.
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>> it's a long time in law enforcement and it's the right time in our business. if i think about all the factors that led into us, clearly our scenario and what we're facing had something to do with it, i'm not kidding you. i've been disappointed that we weren't able to get some things done through negotiation that i think perhaps, you know, i wish we had. >> reporter: the chief said laying off officers was one of the hardest things he's ever had to do, but he's proud of how he handled it, and he says proud of this department. >> i came here to be a san jose police officer. i could have gone a lot of places, and i just couldn't be happier -- pardon me -- wow. couldn't be happier that i was here and was able to be the chief here. >> reporter: the president of the chiefs association said his hands were tied. >> i think in his own way, he was standing with the troops, as strange as that sounds. >> reporter: the mayor says he's
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sorry to see the chief go because he was affected, even under very difficult circumstances. >> the city had to lay off police officers. that was bad. that was difficult, and it was difficult on the department. but it was necessary in order to close the budget. >> reporter: though the department has had a hard time retaining current officers, the chief says the department will be able to attract good candidates. outsiders say it could be a tough sell. >> there are going to be candidates. the question is we've got to find somebody with the qualities we need to bridge all these gaps. you've got community, you've got political, you've got poa, you've got the chief's office, there are a lot of factors out in community that this person will have to deal with. >> it's not going to be easy because there will be a lot of departments going through the same thing trying to attract new police chiefs and things along those lines. i think it will be difficult for san jose to attract somebody. >> reporter: it wasn't all kind words and praise for chief chris
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moore. the city councilman, himself a police officer, read a statement that said in part, it is unfortunate that chief moore has decide to do abandon his position at the san jose police department at a time when the men and women of the san jose police department and the entir community of san jose need strong leadership. he added that the chief's timing couldn't be any worse as tomorrow the council will discuss the public safety plan of the long-term future of san jose. in san jose, chris sanchez, nbc bay area news. >> chief moore took over as acting chief in 2010 and we look at what he left behind. >> reporter: until 1991. he calls chief moore one of the most respected in the country. moore is said to leave after almost two years as the official police chief of san jose. that's how long anthony bath was chief of oakland police. he was up for the san jose police chief job against moore in 2011, left oakland citing
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lack of support from city hall. for moore it may have been pressure from within his own force, coming close to the vote of no confidence from the union. >> they really didn't have any complaints against moore. >> police officers wanted, i think, someone to be on a crusade and to be denouncing the city administraon, which would have been quite improper for the chief to do. >> i got some calls from people very high in the poa that said we are against this. >> reporter: among close circles, more had complained that the city was making too many cuts, jeopardizing public safety. >> he has been saying that privately to me and to other people, that i've told city hall that you reach a point where as a professional i can't go along with it anymore. >> reporter: when moore took over as acting police chief in october 2010, the city had 20 homicide victims at the end of the year. it almost doubled to 39 in 2011. this year it's at 33 with a
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spike in homicides last month. mcnamara said that spike and the deep cuts at city hall likely forced moore to leave. >> maybe san jose city hall will have had a learning experience. they lost an excellent police chief and the burden of that falls on them. >> that was stephanie trong reporting and mcnamara said san jose will likely follow its tradition of a nationwide search, but that might be difficult to attract another high caliber candidate because he said moore is so well respected among the law enforcement community. and we have continued coverage of san jose's search for a new chief, and you can always go to our website for more on the police department. the san jose financial district is celebrating one year to the day since the movement began. earlier today occupy activists held a news conference at justin herman plaza to announce it
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would be occupied indefinitely. a few hours after that, some demonstrators marched to the bank of america building on california street. many of the protestors blocked the streets in the area, causing some minor traffic delays and many e-line detours. similar protests were held around the country as well. a concord man is in the hospital in stable condition after police say they were forced to shoot him because he claimed he was armed. the suburban neighborhood was disrupted for hours with residents told to shelter in place. for the second straight day, the 40-year-old man showed up outside the home of a relative acting distraught. when police couldn't subdue the man, he was shot and wounded. he ran into the home, at which point the swat team was dispatched. that is the scene earlier today, and we want to let you know when the man claimed to be armed, police ended up saying they did not find a weapon. the drama involving the late
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painter, thomas kincaid, and his girlfriend, as well as his estranged wife took a new turn today. in court a judge ruled amy pinto, kincaid's girlfriend of about 18 months, can stay in the south bay, but only if she pays rent of $15,000 a month. kincaid died in april of a reported overdose of alcohol and valium. they did not address the two hand-held notes kshe produced after kincaid's death which left the mansion to her worth $10 million. the judge said despite the ruling, she has a right to every piece of art in the home before she moved in. they were separated but never divorced and they do have four daughters. going green? the supes will vote on whether
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to sign five-year contract la j launching the program clean power sf. people would get all their energy from renewable sources such as solar power and wind. it would cost $9 more a month from pg&e. the city would contribute money to the program. you can choose to opt in or out. hundreds of oakland a's fans waited in a long line this morning to get their hands on some playoff tickets. the tickets officially went on sale at 10:00 a.m., even though the team isn't officially in the playoffs just yet. just a technicality. kimberly terry is at the oakland stadi stadium. >> reporter: hi, diane. this is a long time coming for fans who have followed them for years who say they're just thrilled to see the a's finally back in the spotlight.
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>> it's going to happen. it's going to happen. excitement is building at the oakland coliseum. this morning the line to get tickets for a possible wild card game or the american league division series winded around the building. >> 7:00, 8:00. >> i bought 24 tickets for friend and family. >> i got 40. >> 40 tickets? >> yes. >> for whom? >> for me and some of my coworkers at work. >> i think it's renewed a passion for oakland, so we're excited and happy. sorp sin >> reporter: since the a's moved to oakland in 1978, they've won four season world titles. still, it comes as a surprise, even to some of the a's most loyal fans. >> for them to come this far is great. the a's are always surprising to watch, especially this season. in the seventh inning, they might be losing or down only to get home and find out they won. that's always exciting.
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>> reporter: the team has the second best play record in its league. fans just hope it's enough to get city owners and team leaders enough to keep them here. >> i feel like they're doing this in spite of everything, so that's why we have to go out and support the team. >> reporter: they've sold 40,000 tickets before they even reached the general public. there are still tickets available. they don't think they'll be selling out today, but don't wait in case you want to buy some. hurry on down. live in oakland, kimberly terry, nbc, bay area. thanks, kimberly. still ahead, six veterans left with no place to live. >> i can't understand why they're chasing me out. what do we do?
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nobody has called on us. >> it's a story you'll only see on nbc bay area. veterans evicted, and in a stunning twist, it's the military behind this move. a deadly accident. residents call for change in the neighborhood. what they're now demanding. a battle between two bay area cities. who is saying no to 49ers tickets. good evening, quite a bit of a cooldown on this monday. a bit of a fall chill in the air. take a look at this, livermore 90 to 78. the cool air unfortunately not helping the allergy forecast, but we will let you know when the best chance of showers will be coming up in the next seven days. [ female announcer ] pillsbury crescents on their own are wonderful
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check out these pictures. it's hard to believe no one was hurt when a car drove through
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the front entrance of the san jose restaurant. they were serving breakfast when a guy in a rental car accidentally hit the gas instead of the brakes. that sent the car up onto the front sidewalk and through the front glass. glass shattered everywhere. fortunately the customers were not near and the cashier was behind the counter. it's set to go in front of a panel of the ninth circuit court of appeals this week. the aclu is expected to request the judge strike down the law, claiming how unconstitutional it is to search and seizure. the law demands that dna samples be taken from anyone arrested for a felony, even if that person doesn't end up being tried or convicted. the u.s. supreme court may consider the question later this year in a similar case filed in maryland. more than 6,000 fans
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purchased tickets for the game in candlestick park. it raises more questions about free tickets handed out to u.s. officials. exposing an ethical difference in two bay area cities. tony? >> reporter: here's the issue. should some of the bay area's most powerful get free rides simply because they're elected? it's a question of government ethics, and we found the answer changes in the short drive from san francisco to santa clara. two bay area cities separated by 45 miles of roadway. and one major difference. >> the acceptance of tickets often presents thorny ethical issues. >> this has been a practice that we've had in san francisco for years. >> reporter: san francisco supervisor john avalos and a majority of his colleagues accepted free 49ers tickets last season. >> at times you give your
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tickets away to friends. >> the championship game the other day i gave to my mother-in-law. >> reporter: during that february interview, supervisor avalos made this statement about future free tickets. >> am i going to be taking tickets to go to 49ers game? i would be into it myself, personally. >> reporter: and now seven months later? will you take free tickets this season? >> i'm not sure what i'll do. >> it's a policy issue. you've had months to think about this. >> i'm not going to decide right now. >> reporter: in the south bay, with a new stadium less than two years away, they have a view on free tickets. >> we're not allowed to accept any free tickets from the team. >> reporter: and the ethical difference shows up in writing. san francisco's contract with the 49ers written three decades ago provides more than 75 free
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tickets for city leaders for every football game. santa clara's contract for the new stadium intentionally excludes any language providing free tickets for city leaders. >> we certainly don't want any perception that any city official is reaping some kind of social benefit from the team. >> why? >> we thought that sort of thing would be contrary to the city's ethical policy, and we also didn't want to create any appearance of i ampropriety. >> reporter: ethicist peter king has publicly criticized the city for its policy. >> they shouldn't be doing it, and it's amazing they're still doing it. >> reporter: but following our february investigation, some
6:18 pm
supervisors have now reconsidered. >> is it ethical to accept tickets to the 49ers game for free? >> well, i have made a decision that moving forward, i'm not planning to because i understand the issues that have been raised. >> are you planning on accepting tickets to 49ers game this season? >> no, actually. no. >> that's a change in policy. last year you accepted free tickets. >> i decided not to do that this year. >> reporter: five of the city's 11 supervisors changed their personal policies, electing not to accept free tickets for personal use for the 2012 football season. >> do you believe it's unethical? >> i think there are different reasons why people do things. for me it was the right thing to do, and people have to decide for themselves. >> reporter: but four supervisors used free tickets for personal use last year and have all left the door open to again accept free tickets this season. >> you told me in the interview last year that you thought maybe
6:19 pm
you should rethink this policy. >> um, i could see how people can be, you know, question it. you're here, you're doing your job reporting on really important news items like this. >> reporter: that's a shame, and they should be ashamed of themselves for doing it. so it's one really good football team currently shared by two cities with two distinctly different ethical brom ta brom . >> five of the six supervisors have pledged not to use the tickets for the season, four seem willing to accept the free tickets, and others tell us they will donate the tickets to charities. two cities with two ethical differences of opinion, and free 49ers tickets for the elected
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elite will become a thing of the past. janelle? >> thanks, tony. if you have a tip for our investigative unit, just gi us a call at 1-888-996-tips or you can send an e-mail. >> right now we want to go to jeff and check out the weather. a little sunny but a little chilly. >> cool and refreshing. i did hear from some of our facebook viewers and also n b s nbcbayarea.c it was definitely above average in the bay area. san rafael, 77, 80 in fairfield. the 70s in east bay, that was one of the coolest days so far this month. no doubt a sign of some fall air starting to set in. not only do we have this cooler breeze at the coastline with temperatures in the 60s but also plenty of cold air aloft which helped keep us down. let's look at that sky network right now. this is incredible.
6:21 pm
one of the sky cameras in the west bay showing the view of the sunset, and i don't think i ever saw traffic look that good in the bottom right-hand side of your screen with the sun in the corner. what we're going to follow the next 48 hours but also the next five days is this moderate strength of low pressure on the south shore. it's going to linger out here and continue the fog at the coastline for the entire week. we'll have it at the coast here for the morning hours. also the north bay, a little bit of cloud cover on the east bay. in the hours tomorrow, we do expect it to push back, but it will be one of those days where we still have lingering cloud cover for the entire bay coast. temperatures in the 60s and 70s, and we'll struggle to get throat 80s for the interior valley. we're going to let you ladies know, and of course you at home, when our next best chance for showers will be. >> thanks so much, jeff. coming up, a new spin on an old danger. the interesting way students in the east bay are learning about
6:22 pm
the dangers of texting while driving. and rebuilding after a fire. students on the peninsula return to their school for the first time since that major fire. plus, a royal request. what the royal family is doing to keep intimate pictures of princess kate out of the press. ah.
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students applying to cal state schools will likely get a different kind of confirmation letter when they apply. the draft letter warns students that the spots they hope to fill coould evaporate if prop 30, th push to raise taxes, fails in november. but now the tax group says the letter is illegal. the taxpayer association claims the letter violates a claw plaw preventing the use of funding resources to file a claim.
6:25 pm
students in oakland got to experience firsthand what it's like to crash thanks to texting and driving. it was thanks to a simulator, thankfully. students took turns getting behind the wheel and tried to read and text while driving. it was part of a prevention program called "it can wait." parents were anxious to drive home that message. >> it's the age of cell phones, they're getting to the age where they drive, and it's scary to think that a simple text like "what's up?" could potentially end their life. so it's great they get the experience here instead of maybe losing their life or someone else's life. >> the test shows that taking your eyes off the road for five seconds can cause an accident. a car travels the length of a
6:26 pm
football field in five seconds. they serve the country and now they're out on the streets. we'll show you the place where veterans are being evicted in the bay area and the surprising group behind the move. plus -- >> a new study shows cancer is the number one killer of hispanics in america. i'm mary annfabro. coming up, i'll show you how they're fighting back. what's holding the shuttle's trip over to california? [ male announcer ] ever wonder what's behind two little fleas?
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a story you'll only see on nbc bay area, a group of war veterans are battling to keep their homes. they're living in a retired veterans area, and the people kicking them out is the military. >> at the northern end of the bay bridge tucked in a cove is a former military base.
6:29 pm
the buildings have been returned to their original glory. but in an unusual arrangement, the park service rents the aging marina to an air force base. it's this place that this aging veteran calls home. >> my neighbors are the sea lions, the seagulls. it's a nice place to live if you like privacy. >> reporter: wynkoop and several others have lived on sailboats. those who suffer from ptsd and illnesses from nam, the peacefulness is important. but last december, the air force gave notice to wynkoop and three other veterans they had until the end of september to get out. letters to the veterans'
6:30 pm
officials at travis air force base said the marina is not fit for extended residencies and needs up to a million dollars in repairs, leaving veterans like former marine john collins with no place to go. >> i can't understand why they're chasing the only three disabled vets. what did we do? there hasn't been anybody called on us, you know. >> reporter: lynn woolsy petitioned the department of interior to allow the men to stay but was told it wasn't possible. wynkoop's attorney is also trying to persuade the government to make an exception to the vets. >> they went through the ravages of war, ptsd, all kinds of disabilities. you know, they're on fixed income, and i just don't think the federal government should be evicting veterans. >> reporter: wynkoop believes the evictions happens because he complained about the crumbling docks. now as he battles the demons of
6:31 pm
war past, he fights to remain in the one place that gives him peace. some people in a neighborhood in south san jose are calling for new safety measures after a driver hit and killed an 8-year-old boy. the accident happened on farm drive near highway 87 just before 8:00 friday night. since then, this memorial has been growing for matthew ding. police say he was riding a small electric bike when he drove on out of the driveway and into the street. that is when he was hit and killed by a driver in a pickup truck. now families and neighbors are calling for improved safety on their street, including speed bumps and street lights. drugs and alcohol were not a factor. the accident is still under investigation. a san mateo family is desperately searching for answers after 69-year-old charles dowd mysteriously disappeared on an amtrak train heading to nebraska. he planned to take amtrak to
6:32 pm
visit family in montreal. he started out from emoryville and was supposed to take a connecting train in chicago but didn't. his luggage and belongings were found in a sleeper car but there was no sign of him. a witness said he seemed disoriented. amtrak is also helping the family. dozens of students in menlo park were back in class today for the first time since a fire gutted parts of their school last thursday. nbc bay area's barb wadell talked to some of the returning students. >> a fire at the school last thursday, and i know many of you already know that. i just want to make sure you know everything is going to be okay, and that's why we brought you together today. >> reporter: words of assurance from the beachwood school principal for all 170 of his students. returning today for the first
6:33 pm
time since the fire. alicia couldn't wait. >> it's more fun here. you get to meet your friend and hang out together. >> reporter: he paid no real attention to that dirt patch that used to be his old classroom, and instead beelined it to a couple buildings away, anxious to see what was waiting for him behind those doors. a new classroom. >> it's bigger than the other classroom. >> reporter: with a new desk and new hand puppets for reading time donated by his principal. but he and his fellow classmates couldn't help notice that something is still missing. >> all our hard work. >> reporter: and that's what hurts their teacher, mary eileen gallagher, most. >> this is really hard. you know, that classroom was my home. i spent more time there than i did in my apartment, so the loss of the student work, the loss of the materials that i had collected, it's painful and really, really sad. so just making space for all those feelings, which is what we
6:34 pm
did in our old classroom, so i think a lot of the same things are going to go in the new classroom. >> that's beechwood community. we pull together and make it happen. in election news, republican presidential candidate mitt romney is in los angeles making a fresh appeal to latino voters and trying to cut into obama's advantage. in an address, romney promised to work with both parties to address immigration and help small business owners. >> over 2 million more hispanics are living in poverty today than the day president obama took office. >> he made money investing in companies that uprooted from here and went to china. >> in ohio today, president obama talked trade and his administration's filing of a new complaint accusing china of illegally subsidizing its auto parts industry and undercutting products made in the u.s. in san francisco tonight, a
6:35 pm
vigil is under way at hastings law school for chris stevens, the u.s. ambassador to libya who was killed there last week. in the meantime, the violence continues. nbc bay area danielle lee shows us fragile u.s. relationships are becoming further strained. >> reporter: chanting protestors left little room to stand in lebanon. they were listening to the leader call for more demonstration. the u.s. embassy began burning secret documents as a precaution. in pakistan, police fired tear gas at demonstrators trying to reach the u.s. consulate. the prime minister ordered the suspension of youtube where clips of the anti-muslim video were posted. cashmere, the west bank and iran. sirens blaired near kabul where a few hundred afghans set fire to cars and shops.
6:36 pm
all signs of a protest about much more than a disrespectful video. >> it's about politics and willpower. it's about what's taking place in this country going through a complex and painful transition. >> reporter: a transition getting more fragile in afghanistan. insider attacks by nato troops in training have resulted in at least six deaths over the weekend, raising new questions about how to protect u.s. soldiers. >> you can't whitewash this. this is serious. we need more help and we can't do it all on our own. >> we will not lose sight of the fundamental mission here. >> reporter: u.s. officials reinforcing the resolve despite increasingly difficult circumstances. in washington, i'm danielle lee, nbc news. britain's royal family is going to court to keep more topless photos of the monarchy's future queen from being publ published. the court will rule tomorrow on keeping the magazines from
6:37 pm
running the photos. an italian magazine ran more photos of kate with the duke. william and katherine also filed a criminal complaint against the photographer who took those pictures. and still ahead at 6:00, another blockbuster in the making, the latest record apple is shattering. good evening, i'm jeff ranieri in the bay area. temperatures have already dropped into the 60s, and if you're planning for tuesday, you can expect things on the mild side. we'll have details on the best chance of showers coming up in the 7-day.
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more problems for yosemite national park. surprise inspections put five tour buses out of service because of bad brakes. they report the highway patrol and government agencies inspected 60 buses this month. 65 violations were issued. th they cited repairs for violations and put some out of commission for defective brakes. apple said today they topped 2 million pre-orders for the iphone 5. people are already camping out, as you can see. the iphone goes on sale in stores on friday, four days from now. meantime, for the first time in the company's history, stock crossed over the $700 mark in
6:41 pm
after-hours trading. bad weather delaid departure of the shuttle from florida today. that means the "endeavour" won't get to california until friday morning. originally it was scheduled to fly over several landmarks. the shuttle is passing through northern california on its way to its permanent home at the california science center in l.a. that could be amazing to see that across the bay. >> going across the golden gate bridge. >> there's going to be pressure on that forecast. are we going to be able to see it? well, it's going to be back this week. i know i'm going to really look forward to potentially seeing that going up the space coast of florida myself. live in san jose, we do have the sun setting in clear skies. we'll let you know about the best chance of showers in just a few.
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6:44 pm
cancer is ailing lot of hispanics. the trend is everything reflected from demographics to health care barriers. she is getting ready to run a bingo game with a life-saving message about cancer. she uses this special bingo card to dispel myths about cancer in the hispanic community. as a cancer survivor, she knows knowledge is power. she says she opted to have a mastectomy so she could be there for her family. a new report by the american cancer society shows cancer is now the leading killer for hispanics in the u.s.
6:45 pm
one reason is the hispanic population as a whole in the u.s. is younger than other ethnic groups and cancer tends to kill people at younger ages than heart disease. but researchers say cultural barriers may also boost the cancer rates among hispanics, which is why outreach is more important than ever. >> here at the cancer center in san jose, they offer information in spanish about more than 20 types of cancer to increase awareness about prevention. >> the oncology surgeon says lifestyle may also play a role in higher cancer rates. >> the cultural issues relate to real basic things like diet as well as access to screening. i think that obesity is one major risk factor for a variety of cancers. >> reporter: while cancer is already the leading cause of death for hispanics, it's a sign the rest of the country may not be far behind. the author of the new study
6:46 pm
predicts cancer could overtake heart disease as a top killer of all americans within the next ten years. in san jose, mary ann fabro, nbc bay area news. st the start of the week, a little bit cooler, but i tend to like that. >> it was right up there with temperatures in the 70s, and diane, i know you like it a little warmer. that cooling trend did drop numbers, about 10 degrees from what we had this weekend. livermore, 90 to 78, walnut creek, 72 to 87. right now you need the jacket if you're headed anywhere. widespread 60s from the north bay all the way to the south bay currently with 67 in south bay. let's take a look at that live hd sky cam network. this just gets better and better, with traffic looking better than it's ever looked.
6:47 pm
those drivers definitely needing their sunglasses on still at 6:56. we'll also get that fog building back in for tonight. let's get you back to the weather boards. over the next 48 hours, we'll see something interesting happening, no doubt a sign of the pattern switching to fall which happens to arrive as we head into this coming saturday. we have this area of low pressure sitting offshore. it has cold air with it but it will linger pretty much in the same spot it's in now, maybe until this upcoming sunday. so it's going to have a tight grip on our weather forecast and it's going to keep us a little below average as we head out wednesday, tuesday and also for thursday. that will mean 50s and 60s for the coastline, areas of fog, and for the interior valleys, a more widespread forecast here with 70s in the bay, the south bay and also the east bay. the extreme south bay we'll get in on some 80s.
6:48 pm
while it will be cooler than normal, we'll still have plenty of sunshine for the afternoon hours. we'll have nor cloumore clouds north bay. a little more cloud cover for the east bay, and as we head to the afternoon hours, here's a good thing. it will be a little bit cool. it will feel like fall, and we'll have plenty of sunshine by the afternoon. by 2:00 p.m., everyone is expecting rays of sunshine from santa rosa to san jose. temperatures going to some of the coldest lefvels we have see in months for morning. possibly some low 40s. 47 in napa, 51 in livermore and 49 in gilroy to start. 73 in palo alto, 77 in gilroy. typically we see it hotter in east bay even with an event like this. the problem is we have some cool
6:49 pm
air locked, seen though you're sheltered from that flow, the temperatures will stay at average. 74 in the caster valley and 72 in hayward. back in san francisco, 67 for you. not too bad with santa rosa at 76 and also 72 in oakland. on your three-day forecast, low temperatures inland. fall officially arrives on saturday this upcoming weekend, and then by sunday, well, cloud cover will increase, and right now all of the forecast models are holding the best chance of showers well off to the north. we're talking chico, redding and red bluff. however, a slight deef yaviatio 100 by 200 miles shows a slight shower on the east bay. by all means, it has our interest piqued in the weather center. i'm very jazzed by this.
6:50 pm
>> i like the little leaves. >> i worked about ten minutes on that. glad you appreciate it, ladies. >> absolutely. sports is next. it's the one and only jim kozemore. what's going on, jim? a little giants, perhaps? >> the home game gets started tonight, the giants for the first time hosting the colorado rockies. he pitched 0-3 for his last four starts. for more on the giants, amy is at a t&t park. amy? >> reporter: the giants starting their four-game set against the colorado rockies, and on paper the giants should fare well in this series. they won 10 of 14 games against the rocks so far this season. now, colorado is priority, but clenching the nl west at home is certainly on the giants' mind.
6:51 pm
>> we have to go out and just win every game that we can, and if we clinch on the home stand, we clinch on the home stand, but i think we've done a good job of putting that stuff behind us, anyway, and going out and winning every game we possibly can. >> it's going to be a challenge. obviously we have to play good baseball from here on out and we'll see what happens. you just try to go day by day and win each game. >> reporter: an update on greg blanco who felt a pinch in his shoulder on saturday. he's feeling much better today. he is available to pinch run if needed but he will not be ready to swing a bat until wednesday at the earliest. i'm amy gutierrez for nbc bay area news. >> all right, amy, thanks very much. the race is almost over. he was scratched from another start yesterday with a hip injury, and there is a chance he could need surgery that would keep him out until next may. owen wilson and vince vaughn are known for crashing weddings.
6:52 pm
well, last night the two actors crashed the 49ers locker room for the team's post-game celebration. >> it's going to break down. you guys -- >> who has it better than us? >> nobody! >> the 49ers, they beat light o -- the lions to start the season. minim mindy bach has more. >> they called jim harbaugh to see if they could attend the 49ers game against the lions, and the head coach obliged, even inviting them sbut locker room after the game. harbaugh enjoys introducing his team to notable people, but there are two people the head coach really wants them to meet. >> hopefully someday we can get willie mays here and muhammad
6:53 pm
ali. that would be big. i don't want anything from him, i just want to go up to him and shake his hand and tell him me and my dad thinks he's the greatest baseball player in the history of the game. that's all i want. >> reporter: last night they took a team tour, and while there, they met an honor guard named sergeant skywalker. harbaugh was so moved, he named a play after the sergeant. if he is ever to meet mays, i'm sure he'll do the same and it will probably include some over the shoulder pass. mindy bach, nbc bay area. ah, the mood as the silver and black are trying to regroup after being blown out in miami. this is what he was hoping for after he took the job to be the coach of the raiders. >> i'm confident that we're going to get better. i'm confident we're going to get to where we need to get to, but hey, listen, it's a work in progress. but that's exactly what it is.
6:54 pm
we're going to keep working. >> it's easy for a team like us to get discouraged right now, but the reality s that's 2 out of 16. we've got a lot of games left and we're not a bad football team. we're just really close and if we keep working to get better, we're going to start turning these into wins. >> raiders have pittsburgh coming up on sunday, 49ers on the road next two games, in new york with tim tebow and the jets. you know what i want to meet? >> who? >> i want to meet diane and janelle. >> we love you! >> i know, i have to come by there, guys, and diane, i'm loving the new hair. >> doesn't that look good? >> i'm feeling a little shirley temple-ish. >> no, you look great. >> i think you're going out after the 6:00 and then we're in trouble at 11:00. >> warn my husband about that, will you? >> no. he doesn't know anything about
6:55 pm
it. >> you can always watch sports net central on comcast sports bay area. that's tonight at 10:30. >> and we'll be back in a moment. [ taste buds ] donuts, donuts, donuts!
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that's going to do it for us, but there's a lot more news coming up at 7:00 with brett cannon or on the air. >> we'll see you back here, both of us, at 11:00. >> good night. [ fingers tapping ]
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